The District on Bernard is excited to welcome these businesses to the mall.

Pulp Fiction Coffee House Logo; a new store in Kelowna's The District on Bernard

Pulp Fiction

Espresso drinks, tea, pulp fiction art, and books, all in a groovy retro atmosphere in downtown Kelowna.



1000 Palms

A chic and boutique swimsuit company. More information coming soon.


Cosmetic Culture

From IV vitamin therapy, infrared sauna sessions, cryotherapy and the latest in aesthetic medicine. We source the best to help you restore and maintain your best self and most optimal health.  Take a moment, take an hour, take a day to celebrate yourself.  You are the Culture. 




Cigars from around the entire globe from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, Europe, and even the Philippines.  Also specializing in aged cigars from Havana, Cuba.  There will be cigar related products like humidors, cutters and lighters that are of the highest quality available.  Aside from cigars we offer Cuban coffee as well as Cuban shirts and high end fedoras from the United States.  The interior of the store will be very inviting not just for the cigar connoisseur, but for patrons to enjoy a cup of coffee or peruse any of our textile goods for sale.

Opening Fall 2019

Downtown starts here.

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